Welcome Bonded Logistics Operations

One:The Bonded Storage Capability Of The Import Goods


In line with the national policy, bonded can be bonded storage for the following types of goods:
(1) the processing trade goods imported (including the goods after import);
(2) transit goods and international transshipment goods;
(3) the material supply international ships and aircraft and repair parts;
(4) for the maintenance of foreign products import consignment of spare parts;
(5) temporary foreign goods;
Enterprises in the bonded logistics center;
(6) for logistics distribution, simple processing and value-added service need of packaging materials;
(7) to see the sample order of the exhibits, samples;
(8) approved by the customs of other foreign import goods or goods before completing the customs formalities.




Two:Export Tax Refund Function Into The Center


Domestic export goods into the bonded logistics center, is regarded as the actual export, export customs declaration formalities by the customs, the issuance of export customs declaration and drawback based, business voucher can export tax refund formalities in time.




Three:Import and Export Goods Regulation Distribution Function


In the bonded logistics center of goods can be delivered freely to enterprises home and abroad, also can through customs control vehicles, with the domestic other areas under special customs supervision or the line port to transfer between actual delay import customs clearance time.According to the needs of different customers, bonded logistics center can provide regulatory vehicle use deployment.Provide 24 hours service operation, speed up the export of goods, provide the time efficiency.




Four:"Day Trip" Function For Deep-Processing Carrying Forward the Goods Into the Center


Solve the problem of processing trade in the goods after import, which don't have to flow overseas.Into the bonded logistics center can fundamentally solve the problem of "one-day tour of Hong Kong goods", so as to reduce logistics cost for the enterprise to enhance competitiveness for the enterprise.




Five:International Procurement, Distribution and Transfer Function


Bonded logistics center can be used as a multinational corporation international procurement center, distribution center, and implement the international transfer of goods.




Six:Liquidity Simple Processing and Value-Added Service Functions


Provide liquidity simple processing and value-added services, including hierarchical classification, a spin-off of goods sorting, packaging, measuring, composite packaging, membrane, and brush brush label code and post signs, changing the packing, mosaics and other ancillary simple operations.The business will be multinational procurement center and multinational manufacturing enterprises, foreign retail enterprises and the demand to provide conforms to the demand of logistics and other value-added services.